Ankr Upgrades to 2.0, to Decentralize Web3 Layer

Ankr Upgrades to 2.0, to Decentralize Web3 Layer

July 15, 2022 0 By Jeanine Sanchez

One of the top web3 infrastructure providers, Ankr, has announced its upgrade. It announced the Ankr 2.0 Network via a whitepaper saying it is a decentralized marketplace. All web3 infrastructures can be obtained at the decentralized marketplace.

Advanced Decentralized Settings

The upgrade comes with a complete set of decentralized services and products. They are important infrastructures that push web3 growth.

There are general talks that web3 is not the decentralized system its proponents claim it to be. They say most of the server infrastructure that serves as the foundation of its blockchains is hosted by centralized firms. Ankr 2.0 is said to solve this critical problem with decentralized services.

Ankr 2.0’s protocol lets individual node operators connect developers and DApps with blockchains. Those operators then get to earn certain rewards while at it.

Ankr’s Chief Marketing Officer, Greg Gopman, said Ankr 2.0 is the link to make web3 decentralized. Letting blockchains work with many infrastructure providers from one network has been the goal. Gopman said the ecosystem has been in need of decentralization, reliability, and speed.

With Ankr 2.0 now coming on board, all these are now possible, he said. It is a significant advancement for the industry to continue innovating. It will be working to build an infrastructure to handle huge adoption in the coming years.

The latest Ankr network has been in the works for more than a year. Ankr has been gradually moving its centralized system to a decentralized protocol. It, therefore, created a new protocol for node infrastructures so the industry can collaborate.

Stakeholders and More Benefits

A completely decentralized Ankr system will offer certain benefits to every stakeholder. First, independent node providers will be able to run complete nodes. They will be able to serve traffic and get rewarded on the Ankr network.

Entities that run full nodes on their projects already can still connect to Ankr. They will equally earn rewards when their projects are not in use. 

Secondly, developers can connect to the decentralized RPC layer. Developers, wallets, DApps, as well as other projects can now connect blockchains by decentralized means. 

Again, there will be more utility for the Ankr token. The ANKR has a central role to play in decentralized network operations. 

Developers are going to pay for access to data in ANKR. Independent node providers will also earn ANKR. Stakers will contribute ANKR to their nodes in order to secure the network.