Axie Infinity Jumps to 205%, Co-Founder Says It’s Healing

Axie Infinity Jumps to 205%, Co-Founder Says It’s Healing

July 11, 2022 0 By Jeanine Sanchez

Users and investors are now having increased interest in Axie Infinity. This comes after the platform launched its NFT land features to stake on. It is also upgrading its Origin battle game.

A Close Contact with Recovery

The Play-to-earn metaverse game is on the amendment curve. The sales volume from its NFTs has increased by 205% in a matter of seven days.

Axie Infinity co-founder, Jeff Zirlin, emphasized this sentiment through his Twitter page. He said the project is healing while talking about its NFT adoption and land staking. The Ronin bridge is also getting back with a notable increase in in-game downloads.

CryptoSlam says Axie Infinity secured up to $1.3 million in sales in a week. It had 23,100 customers and thus made a 205% jump.

Part of the factors that contributed to the increase is the renewed appetite for the land NFT. This came after the launch of the July 4th staking support. The feature lets NFT land owners get AXS tokens as rewards on a weekly basis.

The Gaming and Staking Future

About 91% of the 16,794 tokens in circulation have been staked. Reports from Ronin’s Chain explorer prove this.

The Axie project equally launched the second phase of its upgrade. It is giving its latest game mode a new interaction. The game already has about 600,000 players as of the middle of June.

The game is currently in an early-access mode before the final launch. It lets users trade, collect, as well as battle each other with their Axie NFTs. It is said that the upgrades fixed a lot of bugs in the game.

The surging NFT sales are possibly the result of relaunching the Ronin bridge in June. It is a sidechain Axie Infinity built. It lets users move assets from the game to Ethereum’s mainnet.

But Ronin was offline since March after it was hacked and lost $600 million. The 205% increase places Axie Infinity at number 18 of the highest-selling NFTs. A great distance from its days of topping the charts in 2021.

The ecosystem suffered from a prolonged downturn since its highest peak in November. The Axie project generated $753.9 million in NFT sales that month. And its native token, AXS, got to an all-time high of $164.90

As of last month, its total NFT sales were $3.1 million. AXS dropped by 91.4% to trade at $14.18 presently. Axie Infinity has been looking for ways to grow its ecosystem lately.