Barbados is Going to Open World’s First Metaverse Embassy

Barbados is Going to Open World’s First Metaverse Embassy

December 1, 2021 0 By Keith Jacobs

Metaverse is a concept that presents the idea of a digital space where the users can interact with each other in 3D virtual reality spaces through online avatars. The concept has gained a lot of attention recently from the media after Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg decided to rebrand the social media company under the new title Meta.

After this recent transition, the netizens and social media influencers have been talking about this novel concept more and more. Therefore, a considerable amount of online gaming platforms and organizations have also started to explore the space for further utilities. Under the current market hype, a Caribbean country called Barbados has decided to open the first-ever Metaverse embassy.

Decentraland is an online gaming platform that is connected with the Metaverse. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade has recently signed a partnership deal with the gaming organization that deals with the formation of the Ministry. The government of Barbados is also planning to offer its support for several other Metaverse projects.

The most noteworthy projects that are lined up under this partnership are SuperWorld and Somnium Space. The presence of this embassy is going to allow the users of the space to access the services of a counsel online. This unique partnership deal is also planned to allow the developers to create digital facilities and acquire expertise in virtual architecture.

Metaverse has Bright Future Ahead

Gabriel Abed is the ambassador to the United Arab Emirates from Barbados. Commenting on the Metaverse embassy, he claimed that this concept is still in its initial stages and has a long way to go before making any real contributions to the world. However, the developers in the space prefer to work on the technologies that are offer interconnectivity.

The government of Barbados has also hired legal assistance to deal with various challenges that it is going to face in the future. Because Metaverse space is going to operate independent of the borders like Facebook, there is going to be a lengthy legal preparation needed for making the platform successful and granting it the ability to operate without facing any regulatory pushback.