Bitcoin Continues to Outperform as Investors Are Set to Next Leg Higher

Bitcoin Continues to Outperform as Investors Are Set to Next Leg Higher

November 12, 2021 0 By Richard Madera

Bitcoin has increased almost five percent higher in the past seven days. It is the same period when ether rose by three percent. BTC had a faded rally on Tuesday, indicating that buyers gained profits at about an all-time high price of $68,500. Although the cryptocurrency observed a short-term shrink in value, some market analysts sustain increasing price targets for bitcoin and ethereum over the next thirty days. 

Galina Likhitskaya from HashEx – the vice president at a Smart contract audit company, believes that the crypto markets often look overwhelmed with positive sentiments toward the end of the year. In an email to Coindesk, Galina Likhitskaya shared her price target that reaches $80k for bitcoin by the end of 2021. Ethereum is at $4,777, and Galina expects a $5,500 price target for coins during the same time. Analysts suggest having a target price of $75k on the upside. They also say that BTC value could drop at around $56k that is the 50-day moving average.

According to a research report by Katie Stockton from Fairlead Strategies, Bitcoin trading has a significant edge over ethereum as it enjoys more sales than the latter. BTC is likely to observe short-term outperformance since digital currencies take in their profits during a consolidation period. Another study by the technical strategy head, FundStrat, reveals that the multiday highs in bitcoin and ethereum probably indicate a move to a much better comparative outperformance in BTC to ETH, despite there is a need for lots more to authenticate this switch. 

On the whole, market analysts believe that bitcoin’s move to an all-time high side could mean the beginning of the final higher leg toward the end of the year. Newton stated that digital currencies may come into a more pronounced consolidation in 2022. 

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) has been observing a reduced number of open contracts since its peak on October 25. As per Arcane Research, it could be a sign of intensive institutional existence in the BTC futures marketplace these days. The surge in the overall number of exceptional derivative contracts in the past thirty days agreed with the debut of Exchange-traded Fund (ETF) based on the first bitcoin futures by ProShares. The open interest observed a significant decline substantially, especially when BITO subtracted its contribution. 

Some market analysts anticipate the latest market hype surrounding ETFs to weaken until the bitcoin ETF gets approval sometime in 2022. The bitcoin’s price tally left the BITO behind since its inauguration. It is worth mentioning that the ETF debut has considerable importance to the previous all-time high price of around $66.900 in October. 

Crypto asset products observed inflows with a total of $174 million in the past seven days. They brought YTD inflows to 8.9 billion dollars. It refers to a significant rise from the $6.7 billion in digital assets last year. Bitcoin-focused funds saw inflows totaling $95 million last week. It included $6.4 billion of Year-to-Date that market capitalization invested in the cryptocurrencies.

On the other hand, total Assets Under Management (AUM) have attained $80 billion – an all-time high value. They included BTC with $53 billion and ETH with $20 billion, respectively. When rounding up altcoin, traders Neon Labs seem to be raising $40 million to transport Ethereum Virtual Machine’s functionality toward Solana. Neon is a software environment developed on Solana that allows developers to make apps using EVM. They can write smart contracts in their familiar coding language and employ handy tools, such as MetaMask. With this project, developers can bring ETH’s computation engine to Solana.

Likewise, Ripple – Fintech firm is soon to offer a liquidity product known as Ripple Liquidity Hub. It will provide business customers with access to six notable cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin. The crypto market has also observed the rapid movement of Solana’s growth strategy, working well for other digital assets.