Cardano Vasil Fork Encounters Another Delay – Developers

Cardano Vasil Fork Encounters Another Delay – Developers

July 29, 2022 0 By Jeanine Sanchez

The Technology Manager of Input Out, Kevin Hammond, stated that the expected Vasil hard fork is experiencing another delay. The hard fork is expected to bring scalability and speed to the Cardano network. The initial rollout was planned for the 29th of June but Terra-related developments slowed it down.

The Lingering Effect of Terra’s Collapse

Input Out gave a revised deadline which stated the last week of July. But Hammond stated in the last episode of Cardano360 that the hard fork will now take a longer time.

Input Out CEO, Charles Hoskinson, discussed the matters relating to the first delay via a video broadcast. He said it was possible to flip the switch as things are and easily get away with it. But with the reality of Terra USDT’s collapse, Hoskinson asked engineers to take extra precautions.

The direct implication of that is that there will be extra tests going on. This will happen in the Plutus suite, and there will be a lot more quality assurance checks. DApp developers equally asked for more time so they can test the upgrade during the testnet phase.

All these pushed the release of Vasil beyond the first date of the 29th of June. Expectations were then set for the end of July. But then, Hammond said on Cardano360 on July 28 that the central development team is trying to fix bugs that were identified in the course of testing.

He emphasized the team’s commitment to test thoroughly and get the codes right before release. He said their goal is to remove any pending issues as the go-ahead into the Vasil hard fork. Hammond said further that it is the nature of development as unexpected issues come up and lead to delays.

Safety and Reliability First

Going further, Hammond said they have to patiently go through those issues as they emerge. The team would also have to determine what issues they might have and they have to make sure that issues that could negatively affect the node are properly addressed as they move into Vasil.

Hammond refrained from giving a new date for the release but said it might take a few weeks. This includes time spent making arrangements with exchanges and staking operators. All these will determine the final date.

The Cardano community has been very understanding in all these. They have always given positive feedback. Crypto Capital Venture’s founder Dan Gamberdello, for example, said there is no talented engineer who will raise a question over this.

He emphasized the role of safety and reliability over deadlines.