CEO of Texas Power Giant Seems Highly Bullish on Bitcoin

There has been a lot of debate among various communities around the world regarding the use of cryptocurrencies and the idea of decentralization. Some are strictly against it and share a very hard stance, such as in China, but at the same time, there are those who think highly of cryptocurrencies, and to them, these are the very tools that will shape the modern world of finance for us. The CEO of Texas power giant, Brad Jones, has declared a very positive stance for Bitcoin.

He thinks that Texas can become home to Bitcoin mining as there is a lot of untapped opportunities which the state can provide. There are all kinds of technical support there; a huge mining operation could be set there and become successful given the efficiency of the project and how the state is just so acceptable of Bitcoin and decentralization overall. He thinks that it will be mutually beneficial to Texas and the Bitcoin network if a mining operation was to be set up here.

Texas Supports Bitcoin Mining

The representative of Texas, Ted Cruz, shares the same vision when it comes to Bitcoin and decentralization. There is this unbiased criticizing of cryptocurrencies when it comes to their mining as they consume a lot of energy; specifically, Bitcoin is at the core of this kind of conversation. In a way, Bitcoin is still lacking to accept the future and undergo various technological reforms, for it still uses proof of work mining algorithm which literally relies on the huge consumption of energy produced by fossil fuels.

This is the very reason why Elon Musk and many other civilizations and states of the world have cast Bitcoin out, especially in China. As a result, many miners had to completely abandon their operation and look for other friendly frontiers. In search of doing so, many have found Texas extremely welcoming for decentralization, and it has managed to attract a huge number of Bitcoin miners for setting up their mining operations. The common sentiment when it comes to Texas is that it is pro-Bitcoin, but only to Bitcoin mining; when asked by various representatives would they be willing to invest in Bitcoin, they discarded the proposal by saying that it is a highly volatile asset.

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