Chess Grandmaster Gary Kasparov Says Bitcoin is a Shield Against Government Policies

Chess Grandmaster Gary Kasparov Says Bitcoin is a Shield Against Government Policies

February 28, 2022 0 By Keith Jacobs

Gary Kasparov is a legend among chess players; the Russian Grand Chess master recently spoke about the cryptocurrency industry in detail. Kasparov was ranked for a record 22 months from 1985 to 2005 until his retirement as the number one chess player in the world. The Grandmaster recently commented that Bitcoin is a protective measure for the masses against the government.

He told the media that Bitcoin allows people to safeguard their investment against excessive government spending. He further exclaimed that he was enticed with cryptocurrencies due to his interest and background in mathematics and technology. Kasparov partnered with 1Kind recently to design NFTs featuring highlights from his nostalgic match against IBM’s Depp Blue program.

Grandmaster Kasparov claimed that the world is going forward with a heavier integration of technology and digitization in everyday life. A few years ago, people were unfamiliar with smartphones, and now the technology is available to 95% of the population. He further explained that cryptocurrencies have the potential to influence and transform the economic infrastructure globally.

He also claimed that money is also becoming a more digital and less physical entity. These days most people prefer to use cards and other digital payments tools to make their payments rather than using actual cash. He pointed out that governments have no checks or accountability for printing more money, and it is a form of abuse and borrowing from the people.

Kasparov spoke in detail about the wider implications and impact of cryptocurrencies on economic development around the globe. He claimed that cryptocurrencies are the inevitable future of money, and he also invests in the digital asset market to protect his hard-earned money from getting wasted as inactive savings.

Kasparov claimed at one point that Bitcoin is like online gold, and he also claimed that he would be surprised if the paperback is not entirely or partially replaced by digital assets and other assortments of digital assets in the next decade.