Coinbase Cloud Wants to Become the AWS of Crypto World

Coinbase Cloud Wants to Become the AWS of Crypto World

December 25, 2021 0 By Keith Jacobs

Amazon Web Services is considered the ultimate web hosting solution out there because of how efficient it is and the uptime that it promises. Every other cloud provider might run into some problems and technical issues, but AWS definitely gets the job done without any misinterpretations. Websites, blogs, and other Internet media is hosted on a cloud service provider, but in the case of cryptocurrencies, a blockchain solution is required, which might be a similar concept to a cloud provider but is different on technical terms.

Coinbase, which is the ultimate crypto exchange out there, has initiated a new project where it will be launching its own crypto hosting solution, and by doing so, it aims to become the AWS of the crypto world. According to the chief product officer of Coinbase, this new infrastructure which is currently under development, will definitely help the app developers to build their applications, integrate them and make them available to the public in a fast and efficient manner. Amazon Web Services started almost 20 years ago, there have been many ups and downs across the journey, but at the moment, it is the most efficient and profit-generating machine for the E-commerce giant Amazon.

The main aspect of Amazon Web Services is the provision of cloud hosting services to individuals, firms, and even states on a pay-as-you-go basis. This business model has really put Amazon Web Services out there on the map. In every way, it is a leader in the cloud computing sector, with the two most compelling competitors being Microsoft Azure and Google cloud. But they are not as extensive in terms of providing a different range of services under the same roof as AWS is.

Drawing inspiration from Amazon Web Services, Coinbase wants to launch its own dedicated infrastructure product, and it wants it to look and perform as similar as possible to AWS. There is one little aspect to worry about, and that is the pricing of this service, as volatility is a core factor in the crypto industry, and prices fluctuate on a second’s note, so how Coinbase would price this new service is a mystery.