Just Made Trading a Lot Cheaper Just Made Trading a Lot Cheaper

August 22, 2022 0 By Jeanine Sanchez, the top crypto exchange, has announced that they will be reducing their trading fees by 80%. The firm hopes that this move will help democratize the process of cryptocurrency trading. It will now be easier for anyone to take part in the crypto market with lower fees.

CRO Holders to Reap More Benefits

Furthermore, investors, who hold CRO and stake it will get rewarded again with yet, lower trading charges. The crypto market is constantly moving and many trading chances have come up in the course of the last couple of months. Although top assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum dropped from their all0time height, traders were able to create more profits in the market.

Now that Ethereum trades under $2,000, traders might have entered the market and generated up to 50% returns within a few months from just one position. is now out to make these trades way easier. It also makes it possible to create a passive return by staking CRO.

Charges incurred on trading are adding up and plans to make it easier and less expensive to participate in the cryptocurrency market and its general enterprise. said some of the attractive features of its new charging regime include as much as 80% charges cut on derivatives and spot markets. The trading charges for the derivatives and spot market now begin at 0.034% and 0.075% respectively. A minimum trading amount is no longer required.

An Improved Exchange for Business

There is now a simplified structure for VIPs, as well as the spot, derivatives, and margin markets. They are all now easily understandable and moving up the ranks is straightforward. Every trade now has a 0% maker fee.

Further to the reduced fees, said it is updating its exchange. It will now become faster and much more dependable. Higher trading needs some tools at the professional level, and the platform is becoming the go-to place for all kinds of traders.

All VIP levels now have a 0% fee for all VIP and Market Makers. The trading just has to be under the right conditions.

The platform said VIP trading levels now begin at >0.1% of all exchange volume for the derivative and spot markets. This comes against the >1% charged previously.

It said the Market Maker plan is also becoming better. It said liquidity providers will now benefit from any negative trading charges, and they will have better capital efficiency.