Drink and Food Producers Contemplate Price Surges Amid Rising Cost of Living

Drink and Food Producers Contemplate Price Surges Amid Rising Cost of Living

September 4, 2022 0 By Gabriel Rollins

West Country’s independent drink and food producers have confirmed their dedication to safeguarding their businesses and ensuring lower prices for consumers. Market participants told ITV News (during the September 3 eat: Wellington Festival) that they were encountering surging bills. And that will dent profit margins into the winter.

However, most of them trust individuals will support them. The episode is among eat: Festivals’ nearly 30 events of 2022. The Burnham-based couple Sarah and Bev Milner Simonds built the business.

They trust small producers can still earn a living amidst prevailing financial hurdles. Also, they believe most traditional traders in restaurants and cafes consider shifting to operate stands during events, quitting their permanent premises.

Sarah stated that most of these individuals have been planning to resort to pop-up events. That would mean alleviating various overheads. Meanwhile, participants can enhance their creativity and make enjoyable food.

Bev advised new producers with friends or family who have a lucrative idea to resort to markets such as festivals to receive support. The couple welcomes every interested trader to try new business via their platform.

Hiked Prices for Customers?

The primary question by producers (at the moment) is whether they’ll have to hike prices for clients. Hemyock’s Robert Hawker sells wild boar meat and venison at events. Meanwhile, he said he does not have plans to charge customers more. Hawker added that each sector is staring at surging costs.

The trader seems dedicated to his occupation regardless of the market conditions. For instance, he promises to work harder to get more money amid a challenging business environment.

Andy and Holly Heggadon operate The Exmoor Feasting Company. Andy stated that the company is absorbing as much of the rising costs. Though they increased the prices, Andy said they worked all possible ways to balance things.

Holly added that their clients understand the company tried the best approach. Meanwhile, the challenge remains operating ovens in the coming times. Remember, gas prices remain elevated.

Anne Buller operates Quantock Steamers, making traditional puddings. She said that cardboard costs go up each day. She added that everything is surging in prices, including eggs and floor.