EMURGO Partners with Cardano Network to Build News dApps

EMURGO Partners with Cardano Network to Build News dApps

March 1, 2022 0 By Keith Jacobs

Last year, the Cardano network made a remarkable upgrade by introducing smart contracts capabilities to the network. This year, the Cardano network developers have plans to add more scalability options for the blockchain. EMURGO, the commercial wing of Cardano Foundation, recently took to Twitter to announce the latest project.

According to the official Twitter handle of EMRUGO, the focus of the new project is creating a variety of tools that will assist third-party developers in developing dApps with the Cardano network. The tweet further added that the EMRUGO plans to work in tandem with the Cardano Foundation developers to expand upon its decentralized application development.

The Cardano Foundation developers have shared some details about the blueprint of the new dApps Toll Stack with the users. According to the developers, the project will expand in two phases named MVP1 and MVP2. Cardano Foundation intends to collaborate with a third-party infrastructure development organization for preparing the first modular tool stack during the MVP1 phase.

Meanwhile, for the MVP2 phase, the Cardano Foundation will send open invitations to the potential dApps developers to send their contributions. Cardano Foundation CEO Frederik Gregaard recently tweeted that the new project is going to promote third-party inclusion and smart contracts expenditure for the network.

For the current year, Cardano network developers have a full plate. The roaster for projects shared by Charles Hoskinson, the founder of the Cardano network, revealed that the developers are planning to get 11 projects live on the network before the end of the current year. The latest enthusiasm built around the Metaverse and DeFi sector has also added more traction to the network.

Recently, Cardano kick-started its first-ever Metaverse project called Pavia. Meanwhile, the investors have been anticipating the beta DEX platform called SandaeSwap to go live on January 20th. In addition, the Cardano network started a one million trees plantation project this year by offering public verification for transparency and ensuring a follow-through.