Goerli Merge Was a Success, Ethereum Merge is Fully on Track

Goerli Merge Was a Success, Ethereum Merge is Fully on Track

August 11, 2022 0 By Jeanine Sanchez

Now, the Goerli merge has been announced to be a success. The Ethereum community has increased confidence that there is going to be no more delay in the expected Ethereum merge scheduled for the middle of September.

Closer than Ever

Goerli was the final testnet merge to be done following the conclusion of Ropsten and Sepolia. It is now officially a proof-of-stake blockchain as of the 11th of August.

The Goerli merge was concluded without any serious conflict. That gives considerable hope that there won’t be any delay in meeting up with the proposed date of the 19th of September.

Many major developers and top figures in the Ethereum community shared their joy on Twitter in the early hours of Thursday. Such personalities include the core developer, Preston van Loon and Ethereum proponent and podcaster Anthony Sassano. Sassano stated to his followers that the next step now is the Ethereum mainnet merge.

But some observers stated that there were a few issues with the first two testnet mergers. Marius van der Wijden who is an Ethereum developer stated that there was confusion in the system because of some blocks and nodes that slowed down the process. He, however, concluded that things are now looking better.

Tim Beiko, an Ethereum lead developer, published a screenshot immediately Goerli was switched into a PoS. Beiko said before that the final upgrade would sail on the 19th of September without a glitch if the Goerli merge runs successfully. 

The Merge to Bring Unprecedented Enhancement 

There is increased confidence throughout the Ethereum community now that the final Ethereum merge draws close. The Ethereum mainnet will be merged with the Beacon chain, which is already PoS-based. 

The expected merger will reduce Ethereum’s power consumption to a significant extent. It will equally take the network closer to its planned sustainability, security, and scalability goal. All these are some of the most important changes and upgrades in the history of blockchains so far.

When the Ethereum Merge is concluded, the next big step will be the sharding update. It is said to make data distribution storage easier. That will, in turn, make rollups cheaper and also make it easier to operate nodes.

In its real essence, sharding simply spreads Ethereum’s database out throughout shard chains. That gives the network more working capacity as it removes strains from the central network.

Ethereum’s price has been pumping ecstatically while the Merge is underway. It has gone up by 72.2% in the last 30 days, and it currently trades at $1,890.