NFTs Minted on Cardano Network Crosses 800,000 Milestone

NFTs Minted on Cardano Network Crosses 800,000 Milestone

March 19, 2022 0 By Keith Jacobs

The Cardano network is currently expanding on several fronts, and keeping the increasing interest of the masses in NFT markets, the Cardano network developers have already set up a local NFT minting station on the blockchain. According to the latest reports, the NFT market of Cardano called the NFT MAKER has recently crossed a big milestone. It is worth mentioning that NFT MAKER is the first-ever on-demand minting station on the Cardano network.

On Sunday, the Cardano network tweeted that the digital NFT registrar has minted a whopping 800K NFTs. The related tweeter account also notified the developers that the official Whitepaper for the project is now published for the benefit of everyone. Cardano network founder has already claimed that the project is open-sourced and available for anyone who wants to take reference.

Cardano’s NFT MAKER

The Cardano network is rapidly traveling towards domination of the cryptocurrency market. The blockchain, often dubbed as Ethereum-killer, has issued signature NFT projects like CardanoPeakz. The CardanoPeakz is an NFT series that feature the tallest mountains in the world, like Mt. Everest, Denali, and Nanga Parbat.

According to the Cardano network developers, the platform has opened up bigger entry points for artists and brands into the market. The platform aims to host diversified artwork and also provides professional assistance like secondary tools for the NFT makers. The user interface of the NFT MAKER allows the non-technical users to deploy the platform without any issues as well.

Cardano Developers are Working to Increase the Scalability of the Network

At the moment, the focus of the Cardano network developers is to become the champion of the Asian and African markets. Due to the expectation of massive traffic inflow, platforms like Ethereum have not been able to keep up with the expanse. However, the Cardano network developers are already working on increasing the scalability of the network by increasing the average block size by 12.5%.

With the new block size of 72KB, each Cardano network is hoping to keep the network online despite the massive uptake. As a result, on-chain analytics revealed that between September 2021 and January 2022, the Cardano network added around 3 million new ADA wallet addresses and more than 1000 smart contracts. The ultimate goal of the Cardano developers is to increase the block propagation time to 95% peers compliance within 5 seconds by reducing the interval between two transactions.