Ripple Lawyer Jeremy Hogan Says SEC Case will not End This Month

Ripple Lawyer Jeremy Hogan Says SEC Case will not End This Month

March 19, 2022 0 By Keith Jacobs

Jeremy Hogan, appointed by defendants against SEC, recently tweeted that he is not optimistic about Ripple Lawsuit settling as soon as this month. Meanwhile, Ripple executive Brad Garlighouse claimed that he would like to see the case concluding as soon as possible. Hogan also predicted that the case can stay in court till August or November this year.

Meanwhile, there are some speculations among the XRP investors that the SEC has already settled the case behind closed doors. Fox News Journalist Eleanor Terrett talked about the matter with John Deaton. Deaton is the appointed counsel to represent the XRP investors in the court as third-party defendants. He backed the idea that the case is indeed still open.

At a time when the people are eagerly waiting for the crypto-related EO from the Biden administration, there are some interesting speculations related to the SEC and Ripple lawsuit. SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce remarked that the SEC might not be able to get the outcome that it was looking for from this case conclusion.

The statement is still not official and 100% accurate since it was released by a private source. The Ripple Labs lawsuit has such massive importance in the court due to its greater implications on the matter of crypto regulations. Ripple Labs Counsel Jeremy Hogan also claimed that the defendants are confident about winning the case eventually in September this year.

Ripple Executive Claims that Biden Administration is Unable to Grasp the Idea of Crypto

Ripple Labs executive Brad Garlinghouse who is also the main person of interest in the SEC lawsuit recently talked about the case projections with Fox News. He claimed that the recent steps taken by the US government give the impression that Washington is unable to fully grasp the concept of cryptocurrencies.

Talking about the upcoming executive order from Biden Administration, he claimed that any sort of government-level restrictions would not be able to stop cryptocurrencies, especially the DeFi sector. In the case of Freedom Convoy, the government of Canada blocked a multimillion-dollar Bitcoin crowdfunding account. However, the Bitcoin donations from the frozen account managed to make it back into circulation despite government restrictions.