Where to Buy Nvidia Stock as the Company Exists China Market?

Where to Buy Nvidia Stock as the Company Exists China Market?

September 1, 2022 0 By Gabriel Rollins
  • Nvidia stock trades at $150.94.
  • It has declined by 5.55% (-8.37) during today’s pre-market hours.
  • Let’s check where you can trade NVDA stock.

Nvidia shares have declined by more than 5% during today’s pre-market hours. That came after the United States government ordered AMD (AMD) and Nvidia (NVDA) to halt selling AI-related technology to China.

The decision to suspend AI chips export to China means a massive setback for the firm that has seen its stock plummeting since March-end. NVIDIA stock has dropped 35.71% within the past six months.

The company’s regulatory filing shows the move to halt China exports will upset approximately $400 worth of Nvidia’s business. That would adversely impact the firm’s revenue. Here’s a guide for anyone interested in buying NVDA.

Where to Trade Nvidia stock

  • Saxo Markets

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  • Trading 212

Trading 212 is a top-notch fintech company that has dominated the financial markets. You can use it to access various trading instruments, including stocks, forex, and commodities. You might enjoy their zero-commission trading services. Also, their mobile application boasts more than 14M downloads, proving it’s a dependable investment platform.

About Nvidia Stock

NVDA is the stock by the Nvidia Corporation, trading under the NASDAQ: NVD symbol. Nvidia Corporation is a multinational tech company based in the United States. Moreover, it manufactures graphic processing items for professional and gaming markets. Also, Nvidia created chips for the automotive and mobile computing markets.

Should You Buy NVDA Shares Today?

Nvidia stock maintains downsides, and the drop might continue due to the latest order from the United States government, directing the tech company to suspend AI chips business with China. Purchasing the stock, for now, might be risky as the firm’s path remains unclear.

NVDA Price Forecast

Economists expect the stock to plummet towards $145, considering the US government order. Nvidia stock might dip further beneath $10 in the upcoming days due to such developments, plus other factors that deteriorated the stock market within the last five months.

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